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Spring 2015 the muse loves sunshine and a new design

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The light in the studio is all a glow and sparkling.
Love is in the air and saturated color is leading me into a lusty dream for more sunshine!

The brushes are drying for now and some serious tech is going down. A new website design will launch soon.

Yay big and small-

real and sarcastic.

It’s a boatload of work but so worth it.
With a little help from my friends I get by quite well.

Love is in the air- big and small, silly and grand. (Note to self: Cherish what you have.) Here is some silly from my recent work:
love is in the air between two snails riding froggies and flowers

Whirlwind! Surtex 2014 and almost a year blew past

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Hop in the way back machine with me to last spring. Surtex was wonderful, as always, lovely to see old clients and connect with new artists. So much amazing work out there.

We love being in the city and after great connections and socializing it was time to head back to the studio.

The year has been jammed with good work and an amazing move. The new studio space will be open end of this June 2015 and the temporary studio has AMAZING amazing light.

Spring 2015 yellow butterfly and pink blossom

May, Surtex and Snow

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Conundrum is the word rolling around my paint brush and spilling into my attitude. After an arduous winter there is no sunshine, still snow on the ground and Surtex 2014 in no time! Happy music, strong coffee and optimism keeps me cranking out new designs, watercolor and illustrations. Bring on the sunshine and Surtex, I’m ready!AppleBlossom

Surtex 2013 in the rearview mirror

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My first year at Surtex is behind me. I have learned more than I could ever share on paper.
Thank you, for your support. It is with happiness I conclude Surtex was a success for my business. Your encouragement kept my spirits up and productivity smooth.

Having never attended Surtex I had no real concept of what it could be and it was HUGE! It was quite the experience.  My booth #1035 was on the far side of the moon with respect to the Licensing area and Stationary show but it was what I gained that makes it’s position so special (yep, that was my row, against the outside wall).

Being a complete noob I didn’t understand the true difference of being located in the “Atelier” versus the licensing area. My artwork held up but the Atelier was not in the ideal location for me. International fabric design houses were the norm in the Atelier, not watercolor, photography and design from northern Minnesota. An adorable Argentinian artist next to me believed I was Canadian, so she thought I fit in just fine, with my heavily accented english. I still smile remembering when her sister set her straight.

I made solid contacts but the majority of foot traffic in my aisle was buying fabric design outright. The businesses who did come to me were remarkable, sincerely interested and the follow up has been wonderful, most saw my ad in the program and sought me out.

On a personal level I met many wonderful artists, students and business folk. Our slow aisle times were filled with stories and laughter. The aspect of being lodged in the Atelier with the international set was something I didn’t anticipate and would never change. (That being said, next year I need to be in the licensing section.)

Positive interest and critiques have me painting to fulfill the requests. I am seeking out beautiful gardens and other inspiration, if the weather would only warm up here!

I am looking forward to Surtex 2014 and having my second year under my keystroke/paint brush.


Angel Garden, Mothers Flight, Sueded Rose & Tangerine Dreams.

Blade Design is proud to present a diverse collection of vibrant, romantic and fun images.

Here’s to the wild ride ahead!

Prep People! Surtex is fast approaching

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Angel Garden, Mothers Flight, Sueded Rose & Tangerine Dreams.

Blade Design is proud to present a diverse collection of vibrant, romantic and fun images.

Our first exhibit at Surtex has the studio all a flutter! Snow this morning only made the tiny bits of color pop more optimistically.
Working to get the website fully loaded and meeting with new artists has been empowering and invigorating.
Deadlines for clients and advertising for the event are stacking up and we are picking them off with joy.

The ad for the expo program is complete and features a collection of my transparent watercolor paintings. It was hard to choose, there are such a wide variety of styles in my portfolio, but the snow pushed me to pick the consistent group of harmonious, warm, lush colors. So, line drawings and patterns will have to wait, these pieces get to take a bow right now.

Tangerine Rose and buds

Time to Float in Some Color

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In the inspirational bleak winter light I have been enjoying creating pen and ink line drawings.
I’ve been enjoying it for a long, long time, or so it seems.

Anticipation can be energizing, motivating and tantalizing. Spring, like Surtex is fast approaching, mid May in New York will find me in the good company of hundreds of remarkable artists.

I am energized, motivated and happy to float a little color until it shows up outside.

Tangerine Rose and buds

Longing for spring

Beautiful, creative day

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reflected color

reflected color

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
― Maya Angelou

My birthday started with a red, orange and periwinkle sunrise, hugs from my wonderful family and was filled with small, perfect delights.
It was a spectacular day to use up some of my creativity, I plan on hitting my (creativity) savings account again tomorrow.
Follow my lead, take in some color and texture, either visually or in good conversation.
Enjoy your space, balance and energy.

Big Buck Bunny

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Patterns in branches & shoulder high drifts

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pen and ink lilies

Line work with color anticipated.

The end of winter is here, the snow drifts are melting more than growing.
The sun is doing it’s work. At early pink and blue dawn, when I woke  up, I watched the trees outside my window and tried to read the patterns in the branches as they waved their good morning.

Like seeing the shapes of clowns or trains in the clouds, I gather inspiration and see images in the bare branches.
This morning I saw lilies, in full bloom and with tender buds hanging down.
It became the motivation for my pen and ink.

Spring moves through quickly here, winter soaks up most of our days.
So, today I borrow from the spring, lilies bring memories of sweet color and much anticipated warmth.

I’ll repost when I decide on colors, There are 79 creative days before Surtex 2013 and I relish the challenges ahead. I am snow drift deep getting ready for my booth at Surtex. Please continue to follow me on my path to New York City.

I hope you find spring in small and simple places, it makes the long days of winter blessed and full of potential.

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