Surtex 2013 in the rearview mirror

My first year at Surtex is behind me. I have learned more than I could ever share on paper.
Thank you, for your support. It is with happiness I conclude Surtex was a success for my business. Your encouragement kept my spirits up and productivity smooth.

Having never attended Surtex I had no real concept of what it could be and it was HUGE! It was quite the experience.  My booth #1035 was on the far side of the moon with respect to the Licensing area and Stationary show but it was what I gained that makes it’s position so special (yep, that was my row, against the outside wall).

Being a complete noob I didn’t understand the true difference of being located in the “Atelier” versus the licensing area. My artwork held up but the Atelier was not in the ideal location for me. International fabric design houses were the norm in the Atelier, not watercolor, photography and design from northern Minnesota. An adorable Argentinian artist next to me believed I was Canadian, so she thought I fit in just fine, with my heavily accented english. I still smile remembering when her sister set her straight.

I made solid contacts but the majority of foot traffic in my aisle was buying fabric design outright. The businesses who did come to me were remarkable, sincerely interested and the follow up has been wonderful, most saw my ad in the program and sought me out.

On a personal level I met many wonderful artists, students and business folk. Our slow aisle times were filled with stories and laughter. The aspect of being lodged in the Atelier with the international set was something I didn’t anticipate and would never change. (That being said, next year I need to be in the licensing section.)

Positive interest and critiques have me painting to fulfill the requests. I am seeking out beautiful gardens and other inspiration, if the weather would only warm up here!

I am looking forward to Surtex 2014 and having my second year under my keystroke/paint brush.


Angel Garden, Mothers Flight, Sueded Rose & Tangerine Dreams.

Blade Design is proud to present a diverse collection of vibrant, romantic and fun images.

Here’s to the wild ride ahead!

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  • Sarah Hudock says:

    Lisa, it was wonderful chatting with you, and I wish you all kinds of good fortune and contacts. Even if hidden out in the Back Forty, your paintings still stand out as gorgeous and unique. Something I am only just noticing about your work – having now seen the trends in action at SURTEX, your work would be wonderfully suited to doing the popular vintage (or vintage-like) images. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you hangin’ out with the rest of the licensing peeps next year!!

  • Janis Holte-Pavlatos says:

    “Hi” Sweet Lisa…Reading your blog (above) I can see that you learned a lot during your Surtex 2013 experience. All that you learned re the ‘operation’ of the event will prepare you for Surtex 2014. I think the lesson is…as humans we must crawl before we walk, we must walk before we run…then we can run to the ‘wild ride ahead’. With your talent you are off and running way ahead of the crowd…you leave more people in your dust every day…BUT…with your love, care, kindness and sweetness…you always turn around, smile and extend a piece of your heart to all in your path. You are so talented but you remain human with that big loving heart of yours. Your heart and your talent are both without limit.
    One of your many ‘fans’ A.J.

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