Prep People! Surtex is fast approaching

Angel Garden, Mothers Flight, Sueded Rose & Tangerine Dreams.

Blade Design is proud to present a diverse collection of vibrant, romantic and fun images.

Our first exhibit at Surtex has the studio all a flutter! Snow this morning only made the tiny bits of color pop more optimistically.
Working to get the website fully loaded and meeting with new artists has been empowering and invigorating.
Deadlines for clients and advertising for the event are stacking up and we are picking them off with joy.

The ad for the expo program is complete and features a collection of my transparent watercolor paintings. It was hard to choose, there are such a wide variety of styles in my portfolio, but the snow pushed me to pick the consistent group of harmonious, warm, lush colors. So, line drawings and patterns will have to wait, these pieces get to take a bow right now.

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  • Janis Holte-Pavlatos says:

    Hi my sweet Lisa…I have to apologize for my ‘Old Timer’s Disease’ also known as low brain cells. I have to admit that I can’t remember the dates of Surtex…so please give me a hint or just give me the information, again!

    My lack of brain cells excuse is…Tom & I (and 4 friends) just returned from a 25 day trip. I won’t call it a vacation because we saw and did so much that we all need a vacation to recover. We started in New Orleans, then bobbed across The Atlantic on a Royal Caribbean cruise (Great cruise company!) then we went to France, Italy, Rome etc etc etc.To cap it off, on our second plane back to home (a very long 10 hour flight) we all got to listen to a child (about 1 1/2) scream bloody flipping murder during the entire flight. Yikes! I asked to be re-located to the wing or tail for the flight but I had to get on a long list of requests from all the passengers who were looking for an escape. No wonder brain cells fell out of my head.

    So…getting back to your work, talents, and Surtex…you take a bow…you are AWESOME! Just looking at your work restores some brain cells for me. I can feel them building back up…LOL

  • Sarah Hudock says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I am an artist going to SURTEX for the first time too! I’ve been perusing the artists under the Marketplace links on the home page and followed your link. Your artwork is gorgeous and so beautifully painted! I wish you all sorts of luck and new friends and business at the show!

    • lisa says:

      Hi Sarah! I did the same thing with the links. Love your work, such fun, great colors and textures. Thank you for the good wishes and same for you!

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